Indonesia and Thailand palm production raised but Malaysia slashed | Reuters logo

Mixed weather conditions in key palm producing provinces in Indonesia from beneficial rain in June and dried conditions in July-August making it favourable for harvesting and logistic activities should see a boost to production in the near term—Reuters Commodities Research reported. Indonesia production for 2021-22 was pegged 47.30 million tons up 1% from the previous update.

In contrast Malaysia production for 2021-22 was lowered to 18.40 million tons or down 2.20% from the previous update—constrained by labour shortage, wet weather conditions and lagged impacts of dryness from the third quarter of 2019. In addition enhanced movement control order may disrupt output recovery—cited the Commodities Research.

Seasonal strong yields in Thailand is expected to increase output to 2.93 million tons, up <1% from the previous update.