Indonesia CPO export tax raised to US$144 for May shipment. Levy stays unchanged | Financial chart 3

Indonesia CPO export tax is raised to US$144/ton for May shipment after the calculated CPO reference price came at US$ 1,110.68/ ton, from $1,093.83/ton for April – the Indonesian deputy minister for food and agriculture minister said. The tax rate in April was US$116. The levy was left unchanged at the top rate of US$255. The tax rate is determined based on CPO reference. May reference price rose for the 11th successive month after CPO FOB Indonesia and CIF Rotterdam prices sustained a steady rise from 21st of March to 20th of April.

Levy and taxes on CPO export on May shipment will be US$399 from US$371 in April. The tax and levy rate on RBD palm olein rises to US$273 from US$259 previously.

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