Indonesia October export tax kept unchanged after CPO reference price calculated at US$1196.60/ton | Indo Oct ref px

Indonesia October export tax was kept unchanged at US$166 for another month after the calculated CPO reference was US$1196.60/ton or up US$11.34 from September. The levy is retained at US$175 for crude products, US$131 for RBD palm olein, and US$121 for other refined products.

October marks the ninth successive month where the CPO reference price is above US$1000/ton.

The reference price is issued monthly by the government and is calculated based on the previous month’s Malaysia Bursa Malaysia, Indonesia ICDX and Rotterdam export prices from 21st to 20th of every month. For a list of all palm products tax rates click here and for biodiesel, levy click here. For historical Indonesian CPO reference price click here.