MalaMalaysia biodiesel production down by 16% in 2020—USDA | Malaysia biodiesel useysia biodiesel production is estimated be 1.25 billion liters in 2020, or 16% lower than in 2019—according to USDA latest report. The reduction is in response to drop in demand for diesel transport fuel due to the mitigation measures for COVID-19 pandemic and persistent price gap favouring diesel fuel as opposed to palm based biodiesel. Malaysia adopted B20 biodiesel mandate earlier this year but has since postponed the nationwide implementation to mid 2021.

Malaysia 2020 biodiesel consumption is forecast at 846 million liters with a breakdown of 705 million liters from on-road use and 141 million liters from industry use—USDA report showed, this is 3% lower from the total of last year.


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