Malaysia retains 8% CPO export tax for the sixteenth month running but duty payable rises | Malaysia CPO tax table

Malaysia CPO export tax was retained at 8% for April shipment in a widely anticipated move after the calculated CPO reference price came to RM5925.33/ton or up 12.27% from the previous month. The duty payable on CPO will rise to RM474.03  (US$112.90), the highest ever and compared to RM422.21 in March or up RM51.82 (US$12.34) month-on-month. Malaysia CPO export tax been at the top rate of 8% since January of last year when the reference price surpassed RM3450/ton. Taxes are imposed progressively starting at 3% when the reference price exceeds RM2250/ton.

Malaysia imposes a flat 10% tax rate on CPKO exports and 5% on RBD PKO.