Malaysia’s palm oil exports in April fell by 12.70% from March to 1.11 million tonnes*, estimates from cargo surveyor Intertek Testing Services showed, with the drop largely stemming from a fall in exports of crude palm olein (CPL) and refined bleached deodorised (RBD) palm olein (RBDPL).

CPL exports in April were estimated at 59,820 tonnes, a sharp 60.7% drop from March’s 152,150 tonnes.

Around half of the CPL volumes were shipped to the African continent, with the amount in April falling by 76.6% from March’s 123,680 tonnes. CPL is preferred in African countries such as Kenya, where it enjoys a lower import duty, though higher prices and lower demand following earlier restocking likely led to the monthly drop.

Malaysia also exported less RBDPL in April, with volumes estimated at 11.9% or 46,753 tonnes less from March at 346,920 tonnes, with the fall coming from exports to Pakistan (-16,000 tonnes), Bangladesh (-15,530 tonnes), Egypt (-31,010 tonnes) and Iran (-12,800 tonnes).

On the other hand, the drop was also cushioned by a…