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19-23 Apr: Climate deal, adverse weather for soybeans and lower than expected rise in palm boost CPO prices

Malaysian prices— CPO futures traded sharply higher in… Indonesian prices—Average weekly CPO tender prices were… Indonesia’s production and export rebound in March-Indonesia end-month stocks… Rise in shipment to China and the America’s to sustain exports in April—Malaysia palm product export to… Vegetable oil prices to post 11 straight months of rise in April –Global vegetable

Indonesia CPO export tax raised to US$144 for May shipment. Levy stays unchanged

Indonesia CPO export tax is raised to US$144/ton for May shipment after the calculated CPO reference price came at US$ 1,110.68/ ton, from $1,093.83/ton for April – the Indonesian deputy minister for food and agriculture minister said. The tax rate in April was US$116. The levy was left unchanged at the top rate of US$255.