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CPO Futures to fall in the second quarter after volatile trading in Jan & Feb. Production to see meaningful rise from March

  CPO Futures tumbled from a 10 year high of RM3877 (US$958) at the start of the year down to RM3319 (US$819) at market close today, erasing RM558 or 14% in the space of slightly over a month. Plunge in Malaysian… For more analysis please subscribe or get a free trial,

India reduces CPO import tariff. Domestic Indian price rise but CPO Futures fall sharply

  As expected the Indian government revised the import duty structure on CPO by slashing the tariff from 27.50% to 15% but introduced a new levy called Agriculture Infrastructure and Development Cess (AIDC) at 17.50%, making the total tariff at 32.50% and with the addition of 10%… For more analysis please subscribe or get a