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MPOB preview—Production set to be the lowest in 12 months. Exports unchanged. Stocks to ease lower

Malaysia’s palm production is poised for the fourth successive monthly decline in February down to 12 month low after the average poll numbers show a decline of 9% to 1.257 million tons compared to January. Intense rainfalls particularly in the southern peninsular of Malaysia and the eastern state of Sabah delayed harvest and reduced crop

Palm oil data due in week 27 February—3 March 2023 and expectations

  1.) SPPOMA 1-25 and 1-28 February production—Production is widely expected to remain… 2.) ITS, Amspec and SGS Malaysia 1-25 and 1-28 February exports—Exports are set for a strong… 3.) UN FAO Food Price Index for February—Food prices are likely to show another month of… 4.) MPOA Malaysia 1-28 February production—Malaysia full month production is