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MPOB July—Stocks plummets deeper than expected after exports stay steady and production tumbles sharper

                  MPOB July data showed strong bullish data confirming market sentiment of tight supply after stocks plunged 7.30% to 1.496 million tons from the previous month snapping 4 successive months of rising higher. While production fell within market expectation, exports defied estimate data to decline by just

2—6 Aug: Profit taking and cautious trading ahead of MPOB & MPOA data kept CPO futures lower

Malaysian prices— CPO futures snapped to fall by… Indonesian prices—Indonesia CPO tenders tracked Malaysian price dynamics heading… SPPOMA July—Lackluster growth to marginal rise—SPPOMA full month July output posted a rise of 2.01% from the previous month despite… Strong rise in oleo-chemicals export to the E.U in July—Malaysia July exports declined 6.31% to 1.448 million tons