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Data Series Full Description Frequency
Sustainability Certification Body that covers Palm Oil exclusively or broadly

List of sustainability certification bodies that covers palm oil exclusively or broadly

SPOTT – Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit

SPOTT assesses 100 palm oil producers, processors and traders on the public disclosure of their policies

Malaysia Sustainable Palm Oil

Malaysia Palm Oil Certification Council is responsible for setting and certifying palm oil sustainability certification standards in Malaysia

RSPO Members

Search for RSPO Members by categories


GreenPalm operates the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) Book and Claim supply chain option.

European Palm Oil Alliance (EPOA)

European alliance formed to support sustainable palm oil across Europe

Comparison of the ISPO, MSPO and RSPO Standards

Comparison of the ISPO, MSPO and RSPO Standards from Efeca

Cargill Policy on Sustainable Palm Oil

Cargill sustainable palm oil supply chain commitment and policy document

Global Forest Watch

Data on selected oil palm concessions and RSPO palm oil mills