Palm oil data due in week 14—18 February and expectations | Palm oil data due

  • ITS, Amspec and SGS 1-15 February Malaysia export—Monday trading will be driven by… Actual data is due on Tuesday 15 February.

  • Malaysia March CPO reference price and export tax—CPO export tax is very likely to stay….

  • SPPOMA 1-15 Feb Malaysia production—Production is expected to stay in the….

  • SEA India vegetable oil import for Jan—India vegetable oil imports are expected to see a….

  • ITS Indonesia January palm oil export—January exports are on course to….

  • NOPA January soybean crush rate and soybean oil stock—…

  • CPO futures benchmark switches to May 2022. Front-month Feb-2022 expires at mid-day Tuesday 15th of February and the most active contract switches to May 2022 on Wednesday. The main focus with the switch will be on the spread between months. Front-month premium to the third month widened to RM240 yesterday and today from RM100 earlier in the week. Forward months are trading lower to the front-month reflecting market outlook of easing supply in the months ahead. August-2022 was at RM4942/ton at mid-day close or RM619 or 11% lower than the most active month.

  • ABM Climate Model Summary update – The next Climate Model Summary update is likely to… The next update is on 14 February 2022. Available here: Climate Model Summary