Palm oil data due in week 23—27 May and expectations | Data due 23 27 May

1.) Malaysia June CPO reference price and export tax—Malaysia CPO export tax was left at 8% after talks of reduction to 4-6% last week and today. June CPO reference price was fixed at RM6816.05/ton from May’s level of RM 6759.22/ton. The duty payable on CPO shipment will be RM545.278 (US$124.1) compared to previous month rate of RM540.74 (US$125.17). The lower reference price will extend the opportunity to Malaysian exporters despite, Indonesia returning to the international export market next. Higher Indonesian export taxes and levy will keep Malaysia’s export competitive.

2.) Indonesia CPO reference price for June and export tax level—..

3.) ITS, Amspec and SGS 1-25 May Malaysia export—..

4.) SPPOMA 1-20 & 1-25 May production—Production is…

5.) ITS Indonesia April export data—Exports are likely to…

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