Palm oil data due in week 7—11 February and expectations | Palm oil market weekly summary scaled

1.) MPOB Jan Malaysia supply and demand data — Benchmark palm oil supply and demand data for January will focus mainly on the extent of…Actual data is due on Thursday 10th of February at mid-day SG/MY time.

Prior to MPOB data we should get estimates from Bloomberg, Reuters and CIMB, in addition to full month production data from MPOA.

2.) SPPOMA 1-5 and 1-10 Feb Malaysia production—Expect production to be sharply…

3.) USDA World Supply and Demand Estimates for Feb The main focus will be on the extent of South American soybean crop size reduction particularly for Argentina and Brazil. The USDA is widely expected…USDA report is due on 9th February at mid-day U.S ET.

4.) CONAB Brazil soybean production— The state agency is expected to report…CONAB data is due on the 10th February.

5.) Malaysia 1-10 February exportExports should move…

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