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Indonesia Biodiesel Levy Schedule

Start period:

Frequency: Table format

Unit of measurement: US Dollar per-metric tonne

Currency: USD

Inco terms: -

Source: Indonesia Ministry of Finance

Indonesia biodiesel levy schedule

ProductsLevy rate in US Dollar per-metric tonne
Crude Palm Oil55.00
Crude Palm Kernel Oil55.00
Crude Palm Olein55.00
Crude Palm Stearin55.00
Crude Palm Kernel Olein55.00
Crude Palm Kernel Stearin55.00
Palm Fatty Acid Distillate45.00
Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Distillate45.00
RBD Palm Olein35.00
RBD Palm Olein non-bulk < 25kg25.00
RBD Palm Oil25.00
RBD Palm Stearin25.00
RBD Palm Kernel Oil25.00
RBD Palm Kernel Olein25.00
RBD Palm Kernel Stearin25.00
Palm Methyl Ester25.00