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Essential Palm Oil Statistics 2017

Essential Palm Oil Statistic (EPOS 2017)

Contains all essential palm producing country level data

(We are working on EPOS 2021 book to be released in January 2021)

• Major CPO Producers and Planted Acreage
• Malaysia Crude Palm Oil Futures vs. Indonesia FOB prices 2007-2017
• Malaysia Crude Palm Oil Futures vs. Indonesia PTPN Tender prices
• Refined Bleached Deodorised Palm Olein RBDPOL FOB Malaysia
• Top 10 Palm Oil Producers by Country 2016
• Top 10 Importers of Palm Oil 2016
• Crude Palm Kernel Oil Production—Malaysia and Indonesia
• Crude Palm Kernel Oil and Crude Coconut Oil CIF Rotterdam
• Coconut and Crude Coconut Oil Production 2016
• Palm Biodiesel PME Production by Country
• Soybean key market data—2015/16
• RSPO Certified Crude Palm Oil Production 2016
• RSPO Certified
• Crude Palm Oil Producers
• Major Palm Oil Import Ports
• Major Palm Oil Export Ports
• Refined Bleached Deoderised Palm Stearin prices—FOB Malaysia
• Palm Fatty Acid Distillate—Local Malaysia Delivered Prices
• Crude Palm Kernel Oil CPKO FOB Indonesia
• US Soybean Export to China 2016
• India Palm Oil Imports 2016
• Malaysia vs. Indonesia Exports 2016
• China Palm Oil Stock
• Palm and Soy Complex Data Schedule—2017
• Soybean Agricultural Calendar
• List of Palm Price Tracker
• Glossary of Palm Oil Terms & Abbreviations

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