Pertamina trials B100 biodiesel and jet fuel made from RBD PKOL | FFB harvested








Indonesia’s leading state energy company Pertamina which controls a huge portion of Indonesia’s downstream fuels market has begun trials on B100 biodiesel and jet fuel at its recently-upgraded Cilacap oil refinery. Unlike the current B30 mandate that uses fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) or the planned B40 that uses a blend of FAME and palm oil, the B100 biodiesel blend currently undergoing trial production at Cilacap is made from RBD palm olein, termed ‘Green Diesel’ by the state company. The jet fuel equivalent, which completed trials in December, is made from RBD palm kernel olein. The current planned Green Diesel capacity at Cilacap is for 3,000 barrels per day of biodiesel or some 130,000 tons per year.